Perkins, Nicholas

männlich 1614 - 1664  (50 Jahre)

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  • Name Perkins, Nicholas 
    Geboren 1614  , Northamptonshire, England, Großbritannien Suche alle Personen mit Ereignissen an diesem Ort  [1
    Geschlecht männlich 
    Gestorben 31 Jul 1664  , Charles City County, Virginia, USA Suche alle Personen mit Ereignissen an diesem Ort  [1
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    Familie Burton, Mary,   geb. 1618, , Charles City County, Virginia, USA Suche alle Personen mit Ereignissen an diesem Ort,   gest. 4 Aug 1662, , Charles City County, Virginia, USA Suche alle Personen mit Ereignissen an diesem Ort  (Alter 44 Jahre) 
    Verheiratet geschätzt 1641 
    +1. Perkins, Lydia,   geb. 1642, , James City County, Virginia, USA Suche alle Personen mit Ereignissen an diesem Ort,   gest. 1693  (Alter 51 Jahre)
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  • Ereignis-Karte
    Link zu Google MapsGeboren - 1614 - , Northamptonshire, England, Großbritannien Link zu Google Earth
    Link zu Google MapsGestorben - 31 Jul 1664 - , Charles City County, Virginia, USA Link zu Google Earth
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  • Dokumente
    Perkins, Nicholas
    Perkins, Nicholas

  • Notizen 
      By 1641 Virginia was well established...Many men eager for land would bring friends, relatives, servants, workers, and others to Virginia in order to qualify for the land grants...The fact that NICHOLAS PERKINS arrived in Virginia in 1641 under such circumstances does not reveal much about his background. However the entry is of interest as the first record of this PERKINS family in Virginia. it is on p. 783 of Land Patents Bk. 1 (1623- 1643) that the name of NICHOLAS PERKINS first appears. On Oct. 10, 1641, Bryant Smith was granted 100 acres in Henrico County for the transportation of two persons into the colony: NICHOLAS PERKINS and Gringall Delahaye.
      Whether NICHOLAS was old or young, rich or poor, there is no way of knowing. The extant records reveal very little about him. Nevertheless, whether he had means when he arrived or whether he acquired means by thrift and industry afterwards, he was able nine years later to pay transportation costs of four persons into the colony and for this he was granted 170 acres. The patent is recorded on p. 262 of Land Patents Bk. 2 (1643-1651) and reads:
      To all etc whereas etc Now Know you that I the Said Sr Wm Berkeley etc give and grant unto NICHOLAS PERKINS one hundred and Seventy Acres of Land lying in Bermuda hundred in the County of Henrico Bounded Viz:-beginning at a marked Oake in Coles his swamp and Running a Long Cunicott Path west forty Chaynes thence North west by North one hundred and twenty Chaynes thence along the Cart Path to the head of Coles Swamp and Soo along the Said Swamp to the Place where it Begun, the Said Land being due unto the said NICHOLAS PERKINS by and for the transporting of four persons etc to have and to hold etc which payment is to be made seven years after the first grant or seating thereafter etc dated the 30th of August 1650. Mary Perkins, William Owen, Richard Hues
      The Mary Perkins mentioned in the patent was very likely the wife of NICHOLAS PERKINS. If so, either she was returning from a visit to England or else NICHOLAS had returned to England after his coming in 1641 because the children of NICHOLAS and Mary were born during the 1640's--but whether in England or Virginia is not known.
      A hundred was a political subdivision of an English county which originally contained about a hundred families. The term was formerly used in Virginia and in Maryland and Pennsylvania and still survives in Delaware. Bermuda hundred was located where the Appomattox empties into the James. It is on the south side of the James River and not included within the present boundaries of Henrico County. When the original counties were formed in 1634 James City County included Jamestown and the site of Williams burg. Next up the river was Charles City County, and above that was Henrico County.

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