Eugene, Lane County, Oregon, USA


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Eugene is a city of the Pacific Northwest located in the U.S. state of Oregon. It is the second largest city in the state (after Portland) and the county seat of Lane County. It is located at the south end of the Willamette Valley, near the confluence of the McKenzie and Willamette rivers, about 50 miles (80 km) east of the Oregon Coast.
According to the Census Bureau's American Community Survey, Eugene's population grew by 1,391 people between 2013 and 2014, a 0.8 percent growth rate. The survey put Eugene's 2014 population estimate at 160,552. As of the 2010 census. This does not include the 45,000 non-permanent student population in the city. Eugene had a population of 156,185, and Lane County (co-located with the Eugene-Springfield Metropolitan Statistical Area) (MSA) had a population of 351,715. The Eugene-Springfield, Oregon MSA is the 146th largest metropolitan statistical area of the U.S., and the third-largest in the state, behind the Portland Metropolitan Area and the Salem Metropolitan Area. The city's population was estimated by the Portland Research Center to be 160,561 in 2014.
Eugene is home to the University of Oregon. The city is also noted for its natural beauty, recreational opportunities (especially bicycling, running/jogging, rafting, kayaking), and focus on the arts. Eugene's slogan is "A Great City for the Arts and Outdoors". It is also referred to as the "Emerald City", and as "Track Town, USA". The Nike corporation had its beginnings in Eugene. In 2021, the city will host the 18th Track and Field World Championships.
Eugene is named after its founder, Eugene Franklin Skinner. Until 1889, it was named Eugene City. In 1846, Skinner erected the first cabin in the area. It was used as a trading post and was registered as an official post office on January 8, 1850. At this time the settlement was known as Skinner's Mudhole. It was relocated in 1853 and named Eugene City, but was not formally incorporated as a city until 1862. Skinner later ran a ferry service across the Willamette River where the Ferry Street Bridge now stands.
The first major educational institution in the area was Columbia College, founded a few years earlier than the University of Oregon. It fell victim to two major fires in four years, and after the second fire, the college decided not to rebuild again. The part of south Eugene known as College Hill was the former location of Columbia College. There is no college there today.
The town raised the initial funding to start a public university, which later became the University of Oregon, with the hope of turning the small town into a center of learning. In 1872, the Legislative Assembly passed a bill creating the University of Oregon as a state institution. Eugene bested the nearby town of Albany in the competition for the state university. In 1873, community member J.H.D. Henderson donated the hilltop land for the campus, overlooking the city.
The university first opened in 1876 with the regents electing the first faculty and naming John Wesley Johnson as president. The first students registered on October 16, 1876. The first building was completed in 1877; it was named Deady Hall in honor of the first Board of Regents President and community leader Judge Matthew P. Deady. The city's name was shortened from Eugene City to Eugene in 1889.
Eugene grew rapidly throughout most of the twentieth century, with the exception being the early 1980s when a downturn in the timber industry caused high unemployment. By 1985, the industry had recovered and Eugene began to attract more high-tech industries.

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1 Mikkelsen, Gary Lee  17 Mrz 1941Eugene, Lane County, Oregon, USA I153500
2 Mikkelsen, Kristi Ann  12 Jan 1962Eugene, Lane County, Oregon, USA I153501
3 Wilford, JoAnn  11 Feb 1937Eugene, Lane County, Oregon, USA  I110416


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1 Becker, Martha Dorothy  28 Sep 1986Eugene, Lane County, Oregon, USA  I94886
2 Bires, Harold Rush  25 Sep 2007Eugene, Lane County, Oregon, USA  I94685
3 Bondy, Homer Curtis Leland  13 Apr 1985Eugene, Lane County, Oregon, USA  I144142
4 Brand, Daniel Webster  31 Jan 1958Eugene, Lane County, Oregon, USA  I5863
5 Brandner, Arthur Benjamin  2 Apr 1988Eugene, Lane County, Oregon, USA  I117960
6 Brandner, Verne Arthur  10 Aug 1987Eugene, Lane County, Oregon, USA  I117985
7 Creek, Bernice Leonore  11 Dez 2004Eugene, Lane County, Oregon, USA  I117970
8 Deibert, Clara  20 Nov 1961Eugene, Lane County, Oregon, USA  I171245
9 Dockter, Christine R. - wife of  27 Apr 1984Eugene, Lane County, Oregon, USA  I97779
10 Doty, Ruth Elma  14 Feb 1990Eugene, Lane County, Oregon, USA  I117986
11 Feldner, Marilyn Hattie  31 Aug 2003Eugene, Lane County, Oregon, USA I144141
12 Humphreys, Rhys  9 Aug 1983Eugene, Lane County, Oregon, USA I146166
13 Kleeman, Henry  28 Aug 1973Eugene, Lane County, Oregon, USA  I3531
14 Lange, Myrle Benjamin  31 Aug 1980Eugene, Lane County, Oregon, USA  I94873
15 Linder, Harry H.  22 Okt 1996Eugene, Lane County, Oregon, USA  I94675
16 Martinez, Pearl  18 Jun 1999Eugene, Lane County, Oregon, USA  I112167
17 Mikkelsen, Kristi Ann  8 Dez 2007Eugene, Lane County, Oregon, USA I153501
18 Miller, Alice M.  22 Apr 1965Eugene, Lane County, Oregon, USA  I5862
19 Neuharth, Donna Jean  15 Apr 1997Eugene, Lane County, Oregon, USA I16091
20 Neuharth, Reinhold  6 Mai 2008Eugene, Lane County, Oregon, USA I15987
21 Peter, Arnie Valentine  7 Okt 2005Eugene, Lane County, Oregon, USA  I94678
22 Peter, Cecilia  18 Dez 2005Eugene, Lane County, Oregon, USA  I94674
23 Peter, Herman Heinrich  15 Nov 1978Eugene, Lane County, Oregon, USA  I5139
24 Pudwill, Ellis  28 Feb 1988Eugene, Lane County, Oregon, USA  I136276
25 Rath, Frederick  2 Feb 1964Eugene, Lane County, Oregon, USA  I49577
26 Rau, Harold John  14 Jul 2010Eugene, Lane County, Oregon, USA  I97116
27 Rauscher, Louisa R.  11 Jun 1972Eugene, Lane County, Oregon, USA  I5140
28 Schafer, Sarah Fredericka  6 Jul 1969Eugene, Lane County, Oregon, USA  I43921
29 Schlenker, Dorothy Jean  16 Aug 2005Eugene, Lane County, Oregon, USA  I94874
30 Wahl, Viola Caroline  24 Jun 2005Eugene, Lane County, Oregon, USA I16088
31 Zimbelman, Esther Virginia  20 Mai 1991Eugene, Lane County, Oregon, USA  I3507
32 Zimbelman, Frances Joan  14 Sep 2005Eugene, Lane County, Oregon, USA  I106158
33 Zimbelman, Leonard  28 Feb 1995Eugene, Lane County, Oregon, USA  I4204
34 Zimbelman, Wilma Johanna  6 Mai 1986Eugene, Lane County, Oregon, USA  I3509


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1 Rath, Frederick  Eugene, Lane County, Oregon, USA  I49577
2 Rau, Harold John  Jul 2010Eugene, Lane County, Oregon, USA  I97116
3 Schlenker, Dorothy Jean  19 Aug 2005Eugene, Lane County, Oregon, USA  I94874


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1 Day / Peter  11 Mai 1956Eugene, Lane County, Oregon, USA  F1786
2 Durbin / Peter  6 Aug 1950Eugene, Lane County, Oregon, USA  F1785
3 Jay / Neuharth  21 Dez 1958Eugene, Lane County, Oregon, USA  F63904
4 Peter / Bauer  30 Okt 1953Eugene, Lane County, Oregon, USA  F4603
5 Sasser / Creek  12 Nov 1948Eugene, Lane County, Oregon, USA  F37939
6 Smith / Peter  15 Mrz 1941Eugene, Lane County, Oregon, USA  F4604