Grandview, Yakima County, Washington, USA


Notizen: Wikipedia 2018:
Grandview is a city in Yakima County, Washington, United States. It is about 38 miles west of Kennewick and 38 miles southeast of Yakima. The population was 10,862 at the 2010 census. Grandview’s economy is agriculture based; with apples, cherries, concord and wine grapes, hops, asparagus, corn, wheat, dairy and other fruit and vegetable production supported by processing plants and cold storage facilities.
Grandview received its name in 1906 due to its view of Mount Rainier and Mount Adams. Grandview was officially incorporated on September 21, 1909. It began simply as the halfway point on the rail line between Prosser and Sunnyside.


Ort : Geographische Breite: 46.2515792, Geographische Länge: -119.9018766


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1 Hieb, Theodore August  30 Dez 2001Grandview, Yakima County, Washington, USA I18506
2 Kamla, Merlin Herbert  6 Okt 2002Grandview, Yakima County, Washington, USA I106366
3 McGhan, Ruthe Elizabeth  5 Mai 2007Grandview, Yakima County, Washington, USA I106367


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1 Kamla, Linda Mae  14 Okt 1985Grandview, Yakima County, Washington, USA I106374
2 Kamla, Merlin Herbert  Grandview, Yakima County, Washington, USA I106366
3 McGhan, Benjamin George  Grandview, Yakima County, Washington, USA I106368
4 McGhan, Ruthe Elizabeth  Grandview, Yakima County, Washington, USA I106367