Hurnville, Clay County, Texas, USA


Notizen: Wikipedia 2015:
Hurnville is an unincorporated community on Farm to Market Road 1197 eight miles north of Henrietta in north central Clay County, Texas, United States.
Founded in 1890, it became an island of German American settlers, primarily Russians of German descent, in an otherwise Anglo-dominated county. Numerous German American communities developed in north central Texas, particularly in Archer and Cooke Counties. Each were different and most identified with a particular church. Hurnville established a German Baptist Church in 1894, the center of the tight-knit community. A post office served the small community from 1891 to 1905. Plagued by isolation and distance from main thoroughfares and railroads, the town never really flourished and by 1930 the population was only 20 with two local businesses. Today, the town is nothing more than a small collection of houses as settlers have assimilated and moved on to more prosperous areas.

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   Nachname, Taufnamen    Geburt    Personen-Kennung 
1 Bachman, Samuel  16 Jan 1925Hurnville, Clay County, Texas, USA I135359
2 Gemar, Theodore Roosevelt  12 Aug 1906Hurnville, Clay County, Texas, USA I17842
3 Gemar, Uriah Sam  15 Okt 1909Hurnville, Clay County, Texas, USA I101777
4 Moser, Ed Sr.  25 Mrz 1900Hurnville, Clay County, Texas, USA I17801
5 Moser, Leon  2 Feb 1902Hurnville, Clay County, Texas, USA I17873
6 Moser, Mary  18 Okt 1898Hurnville, Clay County, Texas, USA I18276
7 Moser, Ruth Lellie  13 Jun 1914Hurnville, Clay County, Texas, USA I18281
8 Moser, Sarah  22 Jan 1897Hurnville, Clay County, Texas, USA I18275
9 Wiist, Edward Pete  17 Jan 1914Hurnville, Clay County, Texas, USA I17845
10 Wiist, Ruth Nell  26 Mai 1919Hurnville, Clay County, Texas, USA I17785


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   Nachname, Taufnamen    Gestorben    Personen-Kennung 
1 Gemar, Heinrich  29 Mrz 1937Hurnville, Clay County, Texas, USA I4153
2 Gemar, Johannes  3 Apr 1956Hurnville, Clay County, Texas, USA I101772
3 Klundt, Margaretha  16 Jun 1924Hurnville, Clay County, Texas, USA I17760
4 Wiest, Anna Maria  27 Jun 1953Hurnville, Clay County, Texas, USA I18262


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   Familie    Verheiratet    Familien-Kennung 
1 Fuhrmann / Moser  21 Feb 1921Hurnville, Clay County, Texas, USA F6488