Norfolk, Madison County, Nebraska, USA


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Norfolk is a city in Madison County, Nebraska, United States, 113 miles northwest of Omaha and 83 miles west of Sioux City at the intersection of U.S. Routes 81 and 275. The population was 24,210 at the 2010 census, making it the ninth-largest city in Nebraska. It is the principal city of the Norfolk Micropolitan Statistical Area.
In late 1865 three scouts were sent from a German Lutheran settlement near Ixonia, Wisconsin, to find productive, inexpensive farmland that could be claimed under the Homestead Act. From the Omaha area they followed the Elkhorn River upstream to West Point. Finding that area too crowded, they continued up the river. On September 15 they reached the junction of the Elkhorn and its North Fork, and chose that area as a settlement site. On May 23, 1866, a party of 124 settlers representing 42 families from the Ixonia area set out for northeast Nebraska in three wagon trains. They arrived at the new site on July 15. A second group of settlers from Wisconsin arrived in July 1867.
The original name of the colony was a variant of "North Fork", but accounts differ on the exact name: "Northfork", "Nor'fork", and "Nordfork" are all suggested. The name was submitted to federal postal authorities, and at some point was transmuted to "Norfolk". The pronunciation "Norfork" is still used by many Nebraskans.
The North Fork settlement had been named the county seat in 1867. In 1875 a series of elections changed this. In the first of these Norfolk, which at the time had 45 voters, was eliminated. In a subsequent election Madison was chosen over Battle Creek.
The Fremont, Elkhorn and Missouri Valley Railroad was built after the discovery of gold in the Black Hills in South Dakota. It ran from the Omaha area up the Elkhorn valley, then across northern Nebraska and into South Dakota. Its arrival at Norfolk in 1879 connected the city through Wisner to Blair on the Missouri. The Omaha, Niobrara, and Black Hills branch of the Union Pacific ran north from the railroad's main line at Duncan to Norfolk; it reached the city in 1880. The Chicago, St. Paul, Minneapolis & Omaha Railroad was completed to Norfolk in 1882.
The development of these railway connections led to significant growth in the city. In 1886 Norfolk's population reached 1000, making it a city of the second class. A street railway system and a public water supply were established in 1887. In 1888 a franchise was granted to the Norfolk Electric Light Company, and the Nebraska Telephone Company was given a right-of-way for "general telegraph and telephone business".
The Nebraska legislature created the Insane Asylum in Norfolk in 1885; it accepted its first patients in 1888. In 1920, the institution's name was changed to the Norfolk State Hospital; in 1962, it became the Norfolk Regional Center. It is presently a 120-bed institution providing the initial phase of treatment to sex offenders.
In 1900 the city had a population of 3,883, nearly quadruple its population of a decade earlier. By 1910 it had more than 6,000 people, comprising roughly one-third of Madison County's population of 19,101. In 1915 petitions were filed for an election to move the county seat from Madison to Norfolk. The measure, however, failed to secure the necessary number of votes.
In the 1910s development began on the Meridian Highway as a direct north-south route across the United States; the route of the highway ran through Norfolk. The 1924 completion of the Meridian Bridge across the Missouri River at the Nebraska-South Dakota border made the highway a continuous year-round thoroughfare. In 1926 it was designated as U.S. Highway 81. A second federal highway, U.S. Highway 275, received its designation in 1939; it follows the Elkhorn valley upstream from Omaha through Norfolk to O'Neill. During World War II, the segment from Norfolk to O'Neill was a portion of the Strategic Network of Highways; as such, it was given a high priority for federal funds for materials and for federal maintenance funds.
Air travel developed in Norfolk beginning with the establishment of a flying school in 1928. The school's field gradually expanded and was improved. In 1942 the WPA began construction of a municipal airport at the site. Although construction materials were limited during World War II, Norfolk received priority as an auxiliary field to several war-related airports, including Sioux City Air Field. After the war Norfolk congressman, Karl Stefan, a member of the Congressional Air Policy Board, used his influence to secure further funding for the airport. Commercial passenger flight through the airport began in the early 1950s.
In the 1970s another attempt was made to move the county seat from Madison to Norfolk. In a 1975 county-wide election the move's proponents failed to secure a simple majority. A 60% majority would have been necessary for the measure to pass.
On September 26, 2002, three gunmen robbed a US Bank branch in Norfolk, killing five people in the process. This was the nation's deadliest bank robbery in at least a decade.


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   Nachname, Taufnamen    Geburt    Personen-Kennung 
1 Korn, Margaret Emma  18 Feb 1930Norfolk, Madison County, Nebraska, USA I35474
2 McCormick, Arthur Harold  20 Jun 1899Norfolk, Madison County, Nebraska, USA I12670
3 McGinty, Joseph Bernard  8 Nov 1913Norfolk, Madison County, Nebraska, USA I35796
4 Schaffer, Anna Marie Charlotte  27 Mai 1908Norfolk, Madison County, Nebraska, USA I92432
5 Schlack, Jean  24 Okt 1928Norfolk, Madison County, Nebraska, USA I35417
6 Shipman, Eugene Elmer  10 Mrz 1923Norfolk, Madison County, Nebraska, USA I184276
7 Sommerfeld, Leroy Richard  13 Okt 1929Norfolk, Madison County, Nebraska, USA I35473
8 Sommerfeld, Reba Arline  31 Jul 1924Norfolk, Madison County, Nebraska, USA I35472
9 Templin, Ana May Lucille  21 Sep 1902Norfolk, Madison County, Nebraska, USA I92367


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   Nachname, Taufnamen    Gestorben    Personen-Kennung 
1 Alger, Lois T.  3 Jul 1984Norfolk, Madison County, Nebraska, USA I159233
2 Caauwe, Barbara Mildred  18 Mai 1979Norfolk, Madison County, Nebraska, USA I123676
3 Caauwe, Frank Walter  18 Jul 1996Norfolk, Madison County, Nebraska, USA I123446
4 Caauwe, Peter  31 Mrz 1941Norfolk, Madison County, Nebraska, USA I123448
5 Carson, Susan Katherine  5 Feb 1942Norfolk, Madison County, Nebraska, USA I123559
6 Dreger, Viola Adella  Jan 1988Norfolk, Madison County, Nebraska, USA I124028
7 Gableman, Glendoris Asmath  22 Aug 1992Norfolk, Madison County, Nebraska, USA I123634
8 Hargis, Fred Earl  14 Apr 1962Norfolk, Madison County, Nebraska, USA I201194
9 Janssen, Elmer Henry  26 Mai 2013Norfolk, Madison County, Nebraska, USA I160817
10 Korn, Alfred Otto  3 Okt 1970Norfolk, Madison County, Nebraska, USA I123411
11 Laubsch, Amalie - wife of  15 Jul 1923Norfolk, Madison County, Nebraska, USA I124075
12 Miller, Ferdinand H.  3 Jan 1967Norfolk, Madison County, Nebraska, USA I16973
13 Moore, Joy Laurene  1 Dez 2014Norfolk, Madison County, Nebraska, USA I210872
14 Nicolaus, Lydia  16 Apr 1962Norfolk, Madison County, Nebraska, USA I35125
15 Odenbach, Jacob H.  15 Dez 1928Norfolk, Madison County, Nebraska, USA I1727
16 Pelc, Walter  17 Feb 2014Norfolk, Madison County, Nebraska, USA I161829
17 Pudwill, Rosina  21 Aug 1993Norfolk, Madison County, Nebraska, USA I136583
18 Reichel, Helen Hedwig  14 Nov 1968Norfolk, Madison County, Nebraska, USA I35380
19 Schultz, Marguerite Leona  9 Feb 2009Norfolk, Madison County, Nebraska, USA I35199
20 Sommerfeld, Richard August Christ  24 Jul 1971Norfolk, Madison County, Nebraska, USA I35471
21 Tiedtke, Emma Ida  12 Mrz 1984Norfolk, Madison County, Nebraska, USA I123418
22 Wenke, Erma Grace  27 Okt 1983Norfolk, Madison County, Nebraska, USA I123447
23 Wenke, William Fredric  30 Mai 1937Norfolk, Madison County, Nebraska, USA I123702
24 Wenke, Wilson Harley  6 Jan 1981Norfolk, Madison County, Nebraska, USA I123677
25 Wittnebel, Ida Bertha Marie  4 Okt 1991Norfolk, Madison County, Nebraska, USA I124088
26 Wittnebel, Wilhelm Otto Richard  1988Norfolk, Madison County, Nebraska, USA I124094
27 Wuest, John Jacob  1 Dez 1972Norfolk, Madison County, Nebraska, USA I6102


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   Nachname, Taufnamen    Begraben    Personen-Kennung 
1 Caauwe, Barbara Mildred  Norfolk, Madison County, Nebraska, USA I123676
2 Caauwe, Frank Walter  22 Jul 1996Norfolk, Madison County, Nebraska, USA I123446
3 Dräger, Friedrich W.  Norfolk, Madison County, Nebraska, USA I123930
4 Dräger, Otto  Norfolk, Madison County, Nebraska, USA I123928
5 Dreger, Mattie Amanda Amelia  20 Jul 2000Norfolk, Madison County, Nebraska, USA I123970
6 Dreger, Oscar F.  Norfolk, Madison County, Nebraska, USA I124021
7 Dreger, Viola Adella  Norfolk, Madison County, Nebraska, USA I124028
8 Drocher, Gustav  Norfolk, Madison County, Nebraska, USA I123922
9 Drocher, Herrmann  Norfolk, Madison County, Nebraska, USA I123924
10 Gableman, Glendoris Asmath  28 Aug 1992Norfolk, Madison County, Nebraska, USA I123634
11 Harington, Tressie Bee  3 Apr 1997Norfolk, Madison County, Nebraska, USA I124022
12 Koch, Phillip P.  Norfolk, Madison County, Nebraska, USA I123841
13 Laubsch, Fred  Norfolk, Madison County, Nebraska, USA I124080
14 Laubsch, Minnie  Norfolk, Madison County, Nebraska, USA I124078
15 Laubsch, Richard F.  Norfolk, Madison County, Nebraska, USA I124076
16 Lehmkuhl, Albert N.  25 Jun 1962Norfolk, Madison County, Nebraska, USA I91878
17 Wenke, Erma Grace  Nov 1983Norfolk, Madison County, Nebraska, USA I123447
18 Wenke, Wilson Harley  Norfolk, Madison County, Nebraska, USA I123677
19 Winscott, Sarah Frances  Norfolk, Madison County, Nebraska, USA I123898
20 Wittnebel, Ida Bertha Marie  Norfolk, Madison County, Nebraska, USA I124088
21 Wittnebel, Wilhelm Otto Richard  Norfolk, Madison County, Nebraska, USA I124094


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   Familie    Verheiratet    Familien-Kennung 
1 Caauwe / Wenke  19 Jul 1930Norfolk, Madison County, Nebraska, USA F40379
2 Dreger / Wittnebel  4 Feb 1934Norfolk, Madison County, Nebraska, USA F40558
3 Hargis / Alger  25 Nov 1947Norfolk, Madison County, Nebraska, USA F67370
4 Sommerfeld / Korn  2 Jul 1951Norfolk, Madison County, Nebraska, USA F11846