Trappe, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, USA


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Trappe is a borough in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, United States. The population was 3,509 at the 2010 census. Augustus Lutheran Church, built in 1743, is the oldest unchanged Lutheran church building in the United States in continuous use by the same congregation. It has been designated a National Historic Landmark.
European settlers arrived in the area of Trappe in the early 18th century and included many German immigrants. They had landed at the port of Philadelphia and moved west, where land was available.
One of the oldest extant buildings in town is Augustus Lutheran Church. Construction of the old church began in 1743 following the arrival of Lutheran minister Henry Melchior Muhlenberg, who emigrated from Germany in 1742. After a severe storm on February 16, 1860 that damaged the colonial building, it was saved and restored by his grandson William Augustus Muhlenberg. It is the oldest unchanged Lutheran church building in the US in continuous use by the same congregation and has been designated a National Historic Landmark.
A c. 1830 building across from Augustus Lutheran Church served as the US Post Office until 1929, when operations were moved to a larger regional location. The post office/general store is now a private residence.
Trappe is also home to the Henry Melchior Muhlenberg House, which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The building has been restored and is operated as a museum by the Historical Society of Trappe, Collegeville, Perkiomen Valley, Inc.
The Speaker's House, home of Frederick Muhlenberg, is another historic site in Trappe that is open to the public. It is currently undergoing restoration.


Ort : Geographische Breite: 40.1989921, Geographische Länge: -75.4762927


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   Nachname, Taufnamen    Geburt    Personen-Kennung 
1 Muhlenberg, Eva Elisabeth  10 Feb 1748Trappe, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, USA I177862
2 Muhlenberg, Frederick Augustus Conrad  1 Jan 1750Trappe, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, USA I177866
3 Muhlenberg, Gotthilf Heinrich Ernst  17 Nov 1753Trappe, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, USA I177871
4 Muhlenberg, John Peter Gabriel  1 Okt 1746Trappe, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, USA I177859
5 Muhlenberg, Margaret Henrietta  17 Sep 1751Trappe, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, USA I177869
6 Muhlenberg, Mary Catherine  4 Nov 1755Trappe, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, USA I177877
7 Muhlenberg, Unbekannt  um 1762Trappe, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, USA I177880


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   Nachname, Taufnamen    Gestorben    Personen-Kennung 
1 Weiser, Anna Maria  25 Aug 1802Trappe, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, USA I177855