Windsor, Weld County, Colorado, USA


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The Town of Windsor is a Home Rule Municipality in Larimer and Weld counties in the U.S. state of Colorado. According to the 2010 Census, the population of the town was 18,644. Windsor is located in the region known as Northern Colorado. Windsor is situated 59 miles (95 km) north of the Colorado State Capitol in Denver.
A rich wheat farming district, the area around Windsor first drew permanent residents in the early 1870s. Two factors were to play a critical role in stimulating Windsor's early development: irrigation and the railroad. Irrigation increased crop variety and production and the railroad shipped this bounty to market. The town was platted in 1882, the same year the Windsor Railroad Depot was built, and incorporated in 1890. It was named for the Rev. Samuel Asa Windsor. By 1900, tariffs on foreign sugar had created a market for new sources of sugar. Research in the improved cultivation of sugar beets was taking place at Colorado Agricultural College in Fort Collins, and the capital to advance production and manufacture of beet sugar was coming together. In 1903 a factory for producing sugar from sugar beets was built in Windsor. Sugar beet cultivation required large numbers of "stoop laborers", a need that was met by ethnic German immigrants from Russia. With large families and a strong work ethic, the German-Russians who settled in Windsor and other sugar beet areas would achieve financial success within one generation and own the highest producing beet farms. The Great Western Sugar Company fueled Windsor's economy through the mid-1960s, when the Windsor factory closed. Plentiful water and land drew Kodak to Windsor where it opened a manufacturing plant on the heels of the sugar factory's closing.
Kodak's opening spurred economic development in the town, and a population surge as the sugar beet factory closed. Later in the 1980s Metal Container Corporation (MCC) opened a can factory and Deline Box Company opened a factory, which closed in December 2010, that primarily served the Budweiser facility in Fort Collins, Colorado.
In the last two decades, its central location among the population centers of northern Colorado, together with its proximity to Interstate 25, have made it the site of rapid urban growth, particularly on the western edge of town, as it grows towards the interchange on I-25. In the 1990s, the town limits were westward into Larimer County. The incorporated town limits west of Interstate 25 are now contiguous with Loveland, and are separated from southeast Fort Collins by the Fossil Creek Open Space public lands of Larimer County acquired through a county-wide vote-approved sales tax.
In this century, there has been significant industrial development on the southeast side of town. Vestas has a turbine factory, and several related companies, Hexcel and Ice Energy have headquarters in Windsor. Owens Illinois has a glass factory that primarily serves the Budweiser facility in Fort Collins, Colorado.
Windsor ranked No. 1 in a study of the "Best Cities to Live in Colorado." The town's low crime rate, ideal location and nearby amenities helped it beat out other favorable locations in the state.

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   Nachname, Taufnamen    Geburt    Personen-Kennung 
1 Buxman, Esther Josephina  12 Nov 1912Windsor, Weld County, Colorado, USA I95890
2 Buxman, Fred  12 Jul 1908Windsor, Weld County, Colorado, USA I96495
3 Buxman, Fred Charles  14 Nov 1919Windsor, Weld County, Colorado, USA I95952
4 Buxman, Hannah  12 Okt 1909Windsor, Weld County, Colorado, USA I96502
5 Buxman, Henry  29 Okt 1913Windsor, Weld County, Colorado, USA I96518
6 Buxman, Katherine Elizabeth  10 Mrz 1909Windsor, Weld County, Colorado, USA I95881
7 Buxman, Samuel  5 Dez 1910Windsor, Weld County, Colorado, USA I95915
8 Buxmann, Ezra  14 Jan 1912Windsor, Weld County, Colorado, USA I96509
9 Rothman, Emilie  4 Dez 1908Windsor, Weld County, Colorado, USA I152579
10 Schmierer, Jacob  7 Apr 1903Windsor, Weld County, Colorado, USA I106217
11 Schmierer, Rosa  25 Nov 1904Windsor, Weld County, Colorado, USA I106053
12 Speaker, George  22 Mrz 1906Windsor, Weld County, Colorado, USA I92509
13 Weber, Carl  28 Feb 1911Windsor, Weld County, Colorado, USA I96726
14 Weber, Esther  10 Jul 1922Windsor, Weld County, Colorado, USA I96736
15 Weber, John  1 Nov 1912Windsor, Weld County, Colorado, USA I96727
16 Weber, Marie  1 Sep 1919Windsor, Weld County, Colorado, USA I96735
17 Weber, Mollie  12 Sep 1908Windsor, Weld County, Colorado, USA I96723
18 Weber, Naomi  27 Feb 1927Windsor, Weld County, Colorado, USA I96737
19 Weber, Pauline  4 Mrz 1917Windsor, Weld County, Colorado, USA I96734
20 Weber, Sarah  4 Mrz 1917Windsor, Weld County, Colorado, USA I96731
21 Weber, Solomo  13 Apr 1914Windsor, Weld County, Colorado, USA I96728


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   Nachname, Taufnamen    Gestorben    Personen-Kennung 
1 Bachmann, Elisabetha  11 Mrz 1946Windsor, Weld County, Colorado, USA I18612
2 Brandner, Margaret A.  Feb 1983Windsor, Weld County, Colorado, USA I158691
3 Buxmann, Carl  Datum unbekanntWindsor, Weld County, Colorado, USA I96444
4 Kuck, Vernon  2 Mai 2002Windsor, Weld County, Colorado, USA I117223
5 Mohn, Elisabeth  4 Jul 1931Windsor, Weld County, Colorado, USA I96676
6 Nuss, Rachel  14 Mai 1989Windsor, Weld County, Colorado, USA I34751
7 Reiser, E. Theodore  Jul 1977Windsor, Weld County, Colorado, USA I158692
8 Treise, Katherine Elisabeth  13 Dez 1939Windsor, Weld County, Colorado, USA I96716
9 Uhrich, Heinrich  4 Apr 1923Windsor, Weld County, Colorado, USA I96703
10 Zimbelman, Rosie  6 Jun 2005Windsor, Weld County, Colorado, USA I78


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   Nachname, Taufnamen    Begraben    Personen-Kennung 
1 Helfenbein, Katarina  Windsor, Weld County, Colorado, USA I96406
2 Uhrich, Heinrich  Windsor, Weld County, Colorado, USA I96703


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   Familie    Verheiratet    Familien-Kennung 
1 Rosh / Griess  24 Apr 1960Windsor, Weld County, Colorado, USA F11609
2 Weber / Heckman  14 Jan 1941Windsor, Weld County, Colorado, USA F30054