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Clinton, Clinton County, Iowa, USA


Wikipedia 2015:

Clinton is a city in and the county seat of Clinton County, Iowa, United States. The population was 26,885 as of 2010. Clinton, along with DeWitt, Iowa (also located in Clinton County), was named in honor of the sixth governor of New York, DeWitt Clinton. Clinton is the principal city of the Clinton Micropolitan Statistical Area, which is coterminous with Clinton County. Clinton was incorporated on January 26, 1857.


Among the first settlers of European origin in the Clinton area was Elijah Buell, who built a log cabin on July 25, 1835 and established the town of Lyons, named after the French city of the same name. Lyons later merged with Clinton.

Clinton was platted as the town of New York in 1836 by Joseph Bartlett. In March 1837, Noble and Sarah Gregory Perrin purchased 136 acres (0.55 km2) of land in what is now Clinton and raised their family in a cabin located approximately at the foot of the railroad bridge. Their oldest daughter, Valeria, married Dr. Augustus Lafayette Ankeny, who participated in the Blackhawk war and came to Lyons in April 1850.

Mary Perrin, born September 26, 1837, was the first female child of European ancestry born in Clinton County. In 1839, as in most early river towns, the town consisted of a sprinkling of cabins, two stores and a tavern. In 1855, the Chicago, Iowa, Nebraska Railroad announced it would cross the river at Little Rock Island adjacent to Bartlett's settlement. The Iowa Land Company was organized on May 26, 1855 and on July 4, bought Bartlett's tract and renamed it Clinton, in honor of DeWitt Clinton, two-time governor of New York and one of the driving forces behind the construction of the Erie Canal.

On November 10, 1855, the first plat of the city of Clinton was signed. On January 26, 1857 the city was granted a charter and on March 7, the charter was adopted. On April 5, 1859, the amended charter of the city was adopted, which lasted until a general charter was adopted in 1867. In June 1859 the railroad line was completed to Cedar Rapids. The first train crossed from the Illinois shore to Little Rock Island at noon, January 9, 1860, and was ferried from there to the Iowa shore. In January 1864, construction was started on the span from Little Rock Island to the Iowa shore and was completed on January 6, 1865. The original single track railroad bridge was replaced by a double track bridge that was completed in 1909.

The first public school in Clinton was conducted in a log house near the W.J. Young upper mill. It was erected in the winter of 1855-56 and Isaac Baldwin was its first teacher. St. Irenaeus School was opened in 1852.

The original Lyons-Fulton Bridge was constructed in 1891 (replaced by the Mark N. Morris Memorial Bridge in 1975), followed by the Clinton High Bridge in 1892 (replaced by the Gateway Bridge in 1956).

Between the 1850s and 1900, the cities of Lyons and Clinton quickly became centers of the lumber industry and were regarded as the "Lumber Capital of the World." Huge log rafts were floated down the river from Wisconsin and Minnesota, cut into lumber at Clinton, then shipped to the growing communities via the river and the railroads. Companies owned by the W.J. Young, Chancy Lamb, George M. and Charles F. Curtis (Curtis Bros. & Co), David Joyce, Silas W. Gardiner Lyons, and Friedrich Weyerhäuser families soon became among the largest in the nation. In the 1880s and 1890s Clinton boasted 13 resident millionaires, more millionaires per capita than any other town or city in the nation.

In 1877 the noted pianist Carl Lachmund founded the German Conservatorium of Music in Clinton.

The largest, most elaborate party ever held in Clinton celebrated the debut of Emma Lamb and the twentieth wedding anniversary of her parents, Artemus and Henrietta Sabrina Smith Lamb on October 13, 1885. Fellow lumber baron F.C. Weyerhauser, his wife and daughter attended together with several hundred guests all attired in formal wear.

The era of opulence came to an end by 1900, as the northern forests were depleted. The sawmills closed, but the railroad and river, providing economical transportation in all directions, attracted manufacturing and heavy industry. The city still boasts a number of magnificent Victorian mansions, including the Curtis Mansion, now the home of the Clinton Women's Club.

The American Protective Association (APA) was founded in Clinton on March 13, 1887 by Attorney Henry Francis Bowers.

In 1941, with Howard Judd as coach, Clinton High School won the first of its 11 state championships in swimming. This string included five straight championships between 1954 and 1958 and produced 39 individual All Americans and 14 Individual All American Relay Teams (The Howard Judd Story Reception Program June 5, 1966). Clinton’s athletic successes were added to in 1953 when St. Mary’s won the state basketball championship.

Other great athletic triumphs were achieved by the 1964 Clinton High School boys’ baseball team winning the State Championship, the 1991 Clinton Giants winning the Midwest League baseball championship and by the 1992 Clinton High School boys’ basketball team (referred to as the '92 Crew) winning the State Championship.

On April 27, 1951, the Mississippi crested at 20.7 feet (6.3 m); then on April 26, 1952, it crested again at 20.9 feet (6.4 m). All of that was an exercise compared with the crest on April 28, 1965, which at 24.85 feet (7.57 m) was the highest ever recorded.

Construction of the Gateway Bridge (Illinois-Iowa) was started in August, 1954, was finished in May 1956. It opened on July 1, 1956.

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   Nachname, Taufnamen    Geburt    Personen-Kennung 
1 Bengtson, Donald William Sr.  27 Feb 1930Clinton, Clinton County, Iowa, USA I34800
2 Bengtson, Nancy Jane  14 Jan 1938Clinton, Clinton County, Iowa, USA I34801
3 Bengtson, Virginia Luella  21 Aug 1930Clinton, Clinton County, Iowa, USA I34787
4 Bowersox, David F.  14 Aug 1931Clinton, Clinton County, Iowa, USA I165389
5 Geary, Cherice Renee  1 Jun 1958Clinton, Clinton County, Iowa, USA I34815
6 Huntoon, Alice Marie  10 Apr 1903Clinton, Clinton County, Iowa, USA I47557
7 Huntoon, Fayette Montrose  8 Apr 1885Clinton, Clinton County, Iowa, USA I47552
8 Huntoon, George William  9 Jul 1905Clinton, Clinton County, Iowa, USA I47558
9 Huntoon, Gladys Elisabeth  25 Mai 1888Clinton, Clinton County, Iowa, USA I47554
10 Huntoon, Walter Reed  1 Nov 1878Clinton, Clinton County, Iowa, USA I47549
11 Jackson, Glenn  30 Jun 1928Clinton, Clinton County, Iowa, USA I34789
12 Kallenberger, Tara Lynn +  30 Jul 1984Clinton, Clinton County, Iowa, USA I8663
13 Lesher, Louise Madonna  30 Mrz 1928Clinton, Clinton County, Iowa, USA I34820
14 Moon, Ezra  8 Mrz 1824Clinton, Clinton County, Iowa, USA I106749
15 Nadelhoffer, Laird L.  1 Feb 1946Clinton, Clinton County, Iowa, USA I34388
16 Rastede, J. William  12 Jul 1922Clinton, Clinton County, Iowa, USA I165404
17 Rickertsen, Davarro D.  11 Jun 1933Clinton, Clinton County, Iowa, USA I34446


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   Nachname, Taufnamen    Tod    Personen-Kennung 
1 Geary, Cherice Renee  19 Jun 1958Clinton, Clinton County, Iowa, USA I34815
2 Kallenberger, Tara Lynn +  30 Jul 1984Clinton, Clinton County, Iowa, USA I8663
3 Knapp, Rose  17 Mrz 1988Clinton, Clinton County, Iowa, USA I34352
4 Kost, Lea  20 Sep 1996Clinton, Clinton County, Iowa, USA I62856
5 Munsch, Karl  7 Dez 1962Clinton, Clinton County, Iowa, USA I182132
6 Nadelhoffer, Gilbert  1989Clinton, Clinton County, Iowa, USA I34387
7 Paulsen, Richard  um 1985Clinton, Clinton County, Iowa, USA I34531
8 Reed, Maria  10 Feb 1905Clinton, Clinton County, Iowa, USA I47493
9 Rickertsen, Vera  Feb 1994Clinton, Clinton County, Iowa, USA I34528
10 Schaefer, Julius T.  27 Mrz 1999Clinton, Clinton County, Iowa, USA I34378
11 Trautman, Magdalena  5 Apr 1952Clinton, Clinton County, Iowa, USA I34783
12 Triebel, Ruth Elizabeth  Dez 1993Clinton, Clinton County, Iowa, USA I138362
13 Walliker, Lillian M.  16 Nov 1929Clinton, Clinton County, Iowa, USA I47550
14 Wöllhaff, Katherina  9 Jul 1982Clinton, Clinton County, Iowa, USA I34372


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   Nachname, Taufnamen    Beerdigung    Personen-Kennung 
1 Berg, Louise Helen  Clinton, Clinton County, Iowa, USA I138360
2 Mogck, Edwin Theodore  Clinton, Clinton County, Iowa, USA I138359
3 Triebel, Ruth Elizabeth  Clinton, Clinton County, Iowa, USA I138362


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   Familie    Eheschließung    Familien-Kennung 
1 Bengtson / Lesher  21 Jul 1950Clinton, Clinton County, Iowa, USA F11627
2 Frohardt / Bowersox  23 Jun 1945Clinton, Clinton County, Iowa, USA F54646
3 Geary / Bengtson  11 Feb 1956Clinton, Clinton County, Iowa, USA F11625
4 Genzlinger / Rogers  8 Apr 1945Clinton, Clinton County, Iowa, USA F52901
5 Huntoon / Stewart  18 Sep 1911Clinton, Clinton County, Iowa, USA F15767
6 Jackson / Bengtson  14 Apr 1951Clinton, Clinton County, Iowa, USA F11618
7 Knee / Pardee  23 Dez 1958Clinton, Clinton County, Iowa, USA F11498
8 Pardee / Miller  30 Jun 1919Clinton, Clinton County, Iowa, USA F11494
9 Paulsen / Rickertsen  1936Clinton, Clinton County, Iowa, USA F11536