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Morrison, Whiteside County, Illinois, USA


Wikipedia 2017:

Morrison is a city in Whiteside County, Illinois, United States. The population was 4,188 at the 2010 census, down from 4,447 in 2000. It is the county seat of Whiteside County. It is located on the Historic Lincoln Highway, the nation’s first transcontinental highway and in Morrison was the site of two concrete "seedling miles", which served as prototypes of what an improved highway could do for the nation.


In 1854, Lyman Johnson and H. S. Vroom were already in what would become the City of Morrison as contractors and builders for the Air-line railroad, now the Union Pacific Railroad. Johnson and Vroom, along with several other entrepreneurs, acquired the land that would surround the rail station that was planned here. They managed the work of surveyor W.S. Wilkinson in the layout of the future town in 1855. Among these entrepreneurs were W.H. Van Epps. Lyman Johnson decided to call the town Morrison, in honor of Charles Morrison, a friend of Van Epps and a wealthy merchant from New York, who promised financial support in the way of loans for the town’s development. Shortly thereafter, Morrison suffered severe financial losses and he was unable to participate, yet his name remained.

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   Nachname, Taufnamen    Geburt    Personen-Kennung 
1 Kirkham, Lois M.  11 Nov 1925Morrison, Whiteside County, Illinois, USA I221826


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   Nachname, Taufnamen    Tod    Personen-Kennung 
1 Lauff, Jacob Herman  15 Jun 1980Morrison, Whiteside County, Illinois, USA I245258
2 Rastede, J. William  23 Aug 1992Morrison, Whiteside County, Illinois, USA I165404
3 Shaffer, Virginia S.  14 Jul 2011Morrison, Whiteside County, Illinois, USA I165405


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   Nachname, Taufnamen    Beerdigung    Personen-Kennung 
1 Breitbach, Pauline Margaret  21 Feb 1944Morrison, Whiteside County, Illinois, USA I150672
2 Cassell, James  Morrison, Whiteside County, Illinois, USA I106718


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   Familie    Eheschließung    Familien-Kennung 
1 Bengtson / Ulmer  27 Aug 1927Morrison, Whiteside County, Illinois, USA F11621
2 Bengtson / Ulmer  30 Jun 1928Morrison, Whiteside County, Illinois, USA F11617
3 Schaefer / Pardee  16 Okt 1964Morrison, Whiteside County, Illinois, USA F11476