Friedhof Posttal, Posttal, Gebiet Akkermann, Region Bessarabien, Rußland


Geographische Breite: 46.1525599, Geographische Länge: 29.086274300000014
Friedhof Posttal

Keine Koordinaten des Friedhofes.
Alt Posttal Cemetery
Maloiaroslavets' Druhyi
Odes'ka Ukraine
Alt Posttal, Akkerman, Bessarabia, South Russia currently Maloyaroslavets' Druhyi, Odes'ka, Ukraine
Notes and Photo by Elaine (Becker) MORRISON:
The ALT POSTTAL CEMETERY's location, when established in about 1823, was adjacent to the German settlement then known as Alt Posttal, Akkerman, Bessarabia, South Russia.
In 2002 the ALT POSTTAL CEMETERY was in very poor condition. There were numerous German tombstones spread around the area and none of them seemed to be placed relative to the grave they identified.