Walborn, Rev Christian Wilhelm

männlich 1692 - 1769  (~ 77 Jahre)

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  • Name Walborn, Christian Wilhelm 
    Präfix Rev 
    Geboren Apr 1692  ,, Rheinland-Pfalz, Deutschland Suche alle Personen mit Ereignissen an diesem Ort  [1
    Getauft 27 Nov 1692  [1
    Geschlecht männlich 
    Gestorben 11 Dez 1769  Tulpehocken Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania, USA Suche alle Personen mit Ereignissen an diesem Ort  [1
    Begraben Christ Lutheran Cemetery, Stouchsburg, Berks County, Pennsylvania, USA Suche alle Personen mit Ereignissen an diesem Ort  [1
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    Familie Batdorf, Catharina Elisabetha,   geb. 1697, ,, Rheinland-Pfalz, Deutschland Suche alle Personen mit Ereignissen an diesem Ort,   gest. Mrz 1764, , Berks County, Pennsylvania, USA Suche alle Personen mit Ereignissen an diesem Ort  (Alter 67 Jahre) 
    Verheiratet 11 Dez 1717  New Annsberg,, New York, USA Suche alle Personen mit Ereignissen an diesem Ort  [1
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  • Ereignis-Karte
    Link zu Google MapsGeboren - Apr 1692 - ,, Rheinland-Pfalz, Deutschland Link zu Google Earth
    Link zu Google MapsGestorben - 11 Dez 1769 - Tulpehocken Township, Berks County, Pennsylvania, USA Link zu Google Earth
    Link zu Google MapsBegraben - - Christ Lutheran Cemetery, Stouchsburg, Berks County, Pennsylvania, USA Link zu Google Earth
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  • Notizen 
    • www.findagrave.com:
      Christian Wilhelm Walborn was born in Apr, 1692, baptized on Nov 27, 1692, and confirmed in 1707 in Idar, Rheinland-Pfalz, Rhenish Palatinate (now the state of Palentine, Germany) and died on Dec 11, 1769 in Tulpehocken, Hydelberg Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania at the age of 77.
      He married Catharina Elizabetha Batdorf on Dec 11, 1717 in New Annsberg (Schmidsdorf), New York. She was the daughter of Johannes Jacob Peter Batdorf and Anna Maria Catharina Anspach. She was born about 1697 and died in 1764 about the age of 67.
      Christian was 18 when he immigrated with his parents to New York in 1710, and married Catharina Elizabetha Batdorf seven years after their arrival. They were among the families who settled in Tulpehocken, Pennsylvania in 1723.
      In 1725, they were one of the thirty families of the Tulpehocken Settlement who met to discuss their plans for a place in which to hold their religious meetings, and also a permanent site for their members. Along with their plans were expressions of a need for a school for the instruction of their children.
      The church, called Rieth's or Zion's Church, took over five months to construct, and was completed in 1727. It was made out of crude logs and the pulpit was a huge round block, the base of a tree. Seats were split logs, and a large vault was built for safety beneath the earthen floor, as a stock place for their ammunition. Legend tells us that usually the pastor kept his old flint lock rifle in front of him as he preached in case of Indian attacks.
      There was no fireplace, so the members had to warm themselves in winter by an outside fire before attending services inside. This church stood in the corner of the cemetery at Stouchsburg until the latter part of the nineteenth century when it was destroyed by fire.
      On Nov 2, 1739, Christian Walborn bought 176 acres from Casper Wister for £70, 8s according to Lancaster County records, and on May 5, 1742 he bought land from Henry Bassler.
      In 1742, dissatisfaction among the members of the church arose from the influences of the Moravian body, which took over the church's services. The Lutherans and Reformed Members built their new church in 1743, calling it the Christ Church (later called the Evangelical Lutheran Church), on the west edge of Stouchsberg, Pennsylvania. It is in this churchyard that many of the Walborn descendants were buried. From this church's early registries have come the birth and baptismal records of the Walborn families. Christian and Catharina were charter members of the church. He served the early church as a lay-minister, and was usually referred to as Reverend Christian Walborn.
      In 1744, Christian built a two story stone residence on the side of a hill. The home was still standing in 1973, on the west edge of Myerstown, Lebanon County, Pennsylvania.
      Christian was a member of the church council at Tulpehocken in 1748.
      Christian Wilhelm Walborn was naturalized on Sep 13, 1761, and was a successful farmer on the Walborn homestead.
      His will is recorded in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, Will Book J-1, p 348:
      "In the name of god, Amen. I Christian Walborn, of Hydelberg Township in the County of Lancaster and Province of Pennsylvania, widower, being in health of body and of sound and disposing mind, memory, and understanding and considering the many accidents and casualties that attend, and will at length end this mortal of life, do make and declare this my last Will and Testament.
      "First, principally recommending my immortal spirit to the hands of my great Creator, trusting in the merits of my blessed Savior for pardon and remission of all my sins, and a happy admission into the regions of bliss and immortality. And as to such worldly estate where-with it hath pleased God to bless me, I give, devise, and bequeath the same in the following manner:
      "Imprimis, I will, order, and direct that all my just debts and funeral expenses be paid off and discharged as soon as conveniently may be after my decease.
      "Item: I give and devise the plantation whereon I now live in Hydelberg Township aforesaid containing about one hundred and seventy six acres, unto my loving son Martin Walborn, to hold to him, the said Martin Walborn, his heirs and assigns forever, which said land was made over unto the said Martin by indenture or release, as by the same may appear, on condition that he, my son Martin, his heirs, executors, or administrators, pay or cause to be paid unto my loving children hereafter named, yearly, the sum of twenty-five pounds lawful money aforesaid, until the aforesaid sum of five hundred pounds being fully and duly paid, the first payment of twenty-five pounds as aforesaid, to be made at the expiration of one year after my decease, unto my loving son Christian, and so to continue in yearly payments aforesaid, to each and every of my children, beginning at the said Christian (he being the youngest), to the oldest, to wit,
      "Christian; Hermanus, Margreta Elizabeth, the wife of John Kurtz; Christina, the wife of John Albert; Catharina, the wife of Nicholas Miller; Margreta, the wife of George Conrad; Catharina, the wife of Christoph Kneble; Eva, the wife of Lorentz Hautz; Adam Walborn; the sum of twenty-five pounds unto my grandchildren, Peter and David Smith (sons of Peter Smith, who was intermarried with my daughter, Mary Elizabeth, deceased) and then beginning at said Christian and continue until the last, as before mentioned.
      "Item: I give unto my son Adam, the further sum of one shilling sterling, to be paid him six months after my decease, as his birth right (he being the oldest son), over and above his equal share with the rest of my children, and no more.
      "Item: I will, order and direct that my personal estate be divided to and in eleven equal shares, to and among my children, to wit, Martin, Christian, Hermanus, Margereta Elizabeth, Christina, Catharina, Margreta, Catherina, Eva, Adam, and my two grandsons, Peter and David, to have one share between them of said personal estate, as soon as conveniently may be after my decease.
      "And lastly, I nominate and appoint my loving son Martin Walborn and son-in-law Christopher Kneble, executors of this, my Will and Last Testament. Hereby making void, all former and other will or wills by me heretofore made, declaring this and no other to be and contain my Will and Last Testament. In witness whereof, I have hereto set my hand and seal, this twenty-ninth day of March ano domo 1764.
      "Signed, sealed, published, pronounced and declared by the within testator Christian Walborn as his Will and Last Testament in the presence of Peter Schnabli, Sabina Snavely, Philip Marstiller. Sworn before me by Philip Marsteller, one of the witnesses, this eleventh of December, 1769. Edw. Shippen, D. R. Christian Walborn."
      The children of Christian Wilhelm Walborn and Catharina Elisabetha Batdorf were:
      i John Adam, b. 1717, m. Euphrosina Catharine Karsnitz (Karthonix) in 1744, d. Mar 2, 1773
      ii Maria Elizabeth, b. ca. 1718, m. Peter Schmitt, d. 1764
      *iii Eve Anna, b. 1720, m. Philip Lorentz Hautz in 1740, d. Oct 22, 1788
      iv Catharina, b. 1722, m. 1st, Christopher Knoebel on Mar 15, 1744; 2nd, Christopher (Christian) Knoebel, d. May, 1807
      v Maria Magdalena Margretta, b. 1724, m. 1st, George Magnus Conrad (Konrad) on Jun 14, 1748; 2nd, Peter Smith
      vi Maria Catharina, b. 1726, m. Nicholas Miller (Muller) on Apr 11, 1751
      vii Christina, b. Jul, 1732, confirmed Oct 9, 1748 at age 16 years and 3 months, m. John Jacob Albert on Nov 9, 1748
      viii Martinus, b. Apr 15, 1733, confirmed Jun 3, 1750 at age 17, m. Maria Margaretha Lei in 1754, d. Feb 3, 1816
      ix Hermanus, b. Mar, 1737, confirmed in 1753 at age 16, m. Catharina Brucker (Bricker) and Catherine Elizabeth Reith, d. Mar 15, 1813
      x Anna Margretta Elizabeth, b. 1739, confirmed in 1753 at age 14, m. Johannes Nicholas Kurtz
      xi Christian, Jr., b. 1740, confirmed in 1754 at age 14, m. 1st, Anna Barbara Koppenhauver ca. 1760; 2nd, Christine Heberling; 3rd, Catherine Elizabeth Batdorf (double cousin), d. Mar 13, 1814
      xii George Peter, b. Jun 17, 1744, bap. Jul 8, 1744, never married, d. Mar 19, 1764

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